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Drag Slash Wheelie Bar

Tech Spotlight: Drag Slash Wheelie Bar

by William Richards 11 Feb 2023

Retrofit the Drag Slash Wheelie Bar to a Bandit, Rustler, or Slash!

 An extra-long wheelie bar is a signature component of the red-hot Traxxas Drag Slash. With its five position settings, two wheel sizes, and realistic design, the wheelie bar is a great-looking and functional feature that helps the Drag Slash get to the finish line first. The Drag Slash’s wheelie bar is also available separately as an easy-to-install accessory for Bandit, Rustler, Rustler 4X4, Slash 4X4, and 2WD Slash trucks.
 The 9460 wheelie bar includes all the parts and hardware required for installation on a Bandit, 2WD Rustler, or a 2WD Slash with the LCG chassis. You can also install 9460 on the Slash 4X4 and Rustler 4X4.
 The mount with the integrated skid plate is for installation on the Bandit, 2WD Rustler, and LCG-converted 2WD Slash trucks with the original Magnum 272 transmission. Use the mount without the skid for vehicles with the Magnum 272R.
 The new mount wraps over the transmission and under the chassis to hold the wheelie bar securely.
 Here’s the mount on an LCG Slash chassis. The slots provide clearance for the chassis’ ribs.
 Standard-chassis 2WD Slash models can be outfitted with the Drag Slash wheelie bar by removing the rear bumper and attaching the bar to the existing mount.
 The new mount is also compatible with the standard 3678 wheelie bar and offers additional support to keep the bar in place in case the truck takes a tumble.

Choose Your Wheel Size

 The wheelie bar includes 18 mm wheels that can be swapped for the installed 26 mm wheels. The two wheel sizes combined with the wheelie bar’s five positions give you ten height settings to fine-tune how closely the wheels hug the track (or how high they lift for big wheelies. You can also add one of several 9461 anodized aluminum wheel sets.

Mounting to 4X4 Slash and Rustler

 The Drag Slash wheelie bar can also be installed on a Rustler 4X4 or Slash 4X4 by adding the 6777 wheelie bar mount from the Stampede 4X4. The extra-long wheelie bar isn’t recommended of off-road use, but it's perfect for a street build.


 This Rustler VXL is ready to unleash big brushless power with wheelies on lockdown. For added bling, consider adding the 9462 anodized aluminum side plates and 9463 aluminum wheelie bar axles

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